Click the link below to schedule an appointment or phone call.  

I have made my schedule available digitally so that scheduling is easier and more convenient for everyone.  Because we all have busy and complicated schedules (especially with large families), I wanted people to be able to sit down and schedule appointments online with their own schedule available. By scheduling, an email is sent to me automatically.  If you do not hear back from me confirming the scheduled appointment, please either email or call me.  

I do not want problems with the scheduler to interrupt the services you receive.  Feel free to call me at anytime.

When you schedule an appointment, you might need to confirm your email by responding to an email sent to you before the appointment is scheduled.

Be sure to read each screen carefully and follow all directions. 

NEW CLIENTS:  Please either schedule a New Client Phone Call (NPC) or Psychodiagnostic Appointment (90837) from the drop down menu on the scheduling page.


REMEMBER: IF YOU DO NOT GET A CONFIRMATION EMAIL FROM ME, THE APPOINTMENT IS NOT SCHEDULED.  I will either confirm or suggest that another time might need to be found.