These are currently active groups and workshops.  For more information on each item, click the "flyer" link for a printable handout, email me about enrollment and other questions. 


Up and Coming Men (19-26 years old)   Flyer

This group is for men who are just starting their journey in life.  A group for men who are working on getting it all together and could use help from others who are in the same situation.  It's a place for confidential help from the trenches with a bit of help from someone who has been there before (me).  Join the group and get the help you need to make the transition smoothly.  Cost $75/group session (90 minutes) 


Young Men's Group (15-17 years old)   Flyer

This group is ongoing.  Young men are invited to address a number of different issues and concerns that make early teen boyhood especially challenging.  Issues regarding anger management, peer interactions and family relationships are a strong focus.  The group is composed of up to 5 boys at a time.  Cost: $75/group session (90 minutes). 


Group for Male Juvenile Sex Offenders (15-17 years old)  

This group continues for 10 week cycles.  While exceptions can be made, group members should be referred by their probation officer.  Focus of the group is development of accountability, understanding of dynamics surrounding offense behavior and writing a comprehensive Relapse Prevention Plan.  Limited to 5 members at a time.  Each member must have a one hour intake assessment.  Cost: $75/group session.