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I realize that the Internet is a double edged sword.  The convenience of current technology is of great assistance to myself and my clients.  Scheduling, email communication and even file sharing can help us work together efficiently.  However, I also realize that everything that goes out over the Internet can be read by someone else unless strong precautions are taken.  Therefore, I take the following precautions in my practice:

  • I limit the information I share over any social networking site.  I never share clinical information or other information on these networks that might pose a risk for violating anyone's privacy.
  • When I have email contact with my clients, I remind them of the lack of privacy on the Internet.  Information they share they share willingly with this risk in mind. 
  • I password protect all electronic health related information I have (notes, mailing addresses, etc.)
  • When I share files over the Internet, this is done with password protection to ensure that no private information is accidentally shared.

I am constantly thinking about and consulting on issues of privacy and safety for my clients when it comes to the Internet.  Know that every time I use technology I do so after careful consideration of the risk it poses to my clients information and identity.  I do not put my client's confidential information at risk through the use of technology.

Last updated on May 29, 2013 by Robert Land