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Marijuana: What to do when it finds you and your family

Pot is a “loaded” subject. Joking aside, it seems that pot has been in the news a lot lately. In my observation, parents and teens seem to have different opinions about it. Some teens seem to think that pot helps their success, giving them a way to calm down when stressed or even sleep. Some parents are not so worried about their teen using...

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Stumbling along on the Information Superhighway

As we all know, the web has many implications and takes many forms. If we use the metaphor of a rock thrown into a pond, our behavior has ripples of effect online - in essence, circles. Unfortunately, the ripples can move into places that we did not originally intend. There are many thrilling ways that the internet has revolutionized our lives. Each year, our capabilities and potential uses expand exponentially. Teens today are a generation raised entirely with tech literacy, yet the reality of teen impulsivity has not changed. As we all know, teens have brains that continue to grow, prune and mature well into their early 20s. As much as we can sing all the praises of the online world,

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