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Videogames and Children's Health - Emotional Effects

As with any activity that involves too much of your child's time, extensive videogame involvement leads to imbalance, stress and anxiety. As children become increasingly involved in the videogame play, they

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Videogames and Children's Health - Behavioral Effects

Parents often wonder if the videogames that their child is playing have an effect on their child's behavior. This has been a controversy that has brewed for a considerable period of time. When comic books became increasingly popular many decades ago, parents had the same concerns. Therefore, many of the arguments about the effects of videogames involve the same type of reasoning that was employed in the past. Overall, the research I have reviewed has shown that:

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Videogames and Children's Health - Rating Systems

There is very little incentive, if any, for the video game companies to discourage your child’s involvement in video games, so information you gather from the companies themselves is often biased. What follows is information culled from sources independent of these companies who are dedicated to your child’s health. These sources are reliable and trustworthy.

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What Do Men Get Out of Therapy?

What can I get out of therapy? This is a question that men ask me all the time when they are considering entering therapy to work through a problem or concern they have. The answer is that men get a lot out of therapy, but often don't realize this at the outset.

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What is Hypnosis and Can It Help Me?

Hypnosis is a basic human response to specific environmental and physiological cues.  We each have hypnotic episodes throughout the day that we might not realize are occurring.  For example,

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